Meet Bill Mauger, a local handyman who also happens to be the owner of In his time as a Maintenance Expert, Bill has seen many homes improve in both appearance and value, with not only small maintenance, but major renovations. He knows what works, and what doesn’t to really get more money for your home!

Here are Bill’s Top Tips for Improvements to do before you list your home for sale:

  1. Obvious repairs: This is the sort of thing that can really annoy a prospective buyer as they walk through the home, and turn them off at a single glance. We’re talking about obvious stuff like bifold doors that are not working, bedroom doors that don’t close properly, transition strips between flooring types, broken tiles, holes in drywall, bathroom ceiling fans, range hood fans, cupboard doors, pet damage, and so on. All of these are things that will make prospective buyers think you’re ready to bargain on price.
  2. Any place water is involved: Is it time to re-caulk the tub, toilet, shower, and sinks? Yucky or ragged caulking can make buyers wary about deeper damage that’s not visible.
  3. Any signs of mold: Inside closets, around showers, toilets, inside cupboards, attic spaces, behind fridges, under the kitchen sink, parts of the basement that don’t get used, behind the dryer and in laundry rooms, near water filters and water treatment filters, and so on. Don’t forget around baseboard heaters in the bathroom! Sometimes, these attract mold because they are warm and damp all the time.
  4. Replacing broken blinds and window coverings: Even if you think your new owners might redecorate, this is a major eyesore that just reeks of poor maintenance habits, and impacts the look of your home from the exterior.
  5. Repair a leaky faucet: Sometimes, it’s cheaper to replace than to fix an older faucet, and perhaps even to replace the whole sink, which sets the tone for the entire kitchen. Gleaming stainless and other finishes speak volumes to how you’ve treated the house over the long term.
  6. Curb appeal: How about pressure washing walkways, concrete, and decks? Now is also a great time to seal cracks in the driveway, or repair damage to hardscape landscaping like retaining walls, fencing, lawn edges, gates that don’t close, fascia board or window and door trim, damaged soffiting, and of course, exterior window and door caulking. (Feel a breeze? Yup, time to seal up that gap!)
  7. Replace rotten deck or porch boards: This is the first thing people see when they pull into the driveway! Take a close look at the railings, as well as outside lighting attached to the porch (such as motion sensors). It’s extremely important to fix any sagging porch roofing and steps, and to check if your posts are rotting at the bottom.
  8. Weatherstripping: This is so simple and quick to do, and saves so much in heating and cooling costs! Check any other energy efficient and energy saving items all over the house.
  9. Upgrading light fixtures: It’s incredible what lighting can do to a space, and in such a short period of time! Lighting can make or break the mood and warmth of a room, and upgrading fixtures is relatively inexpensive for the impact it provides.
  10. Replace filters: Water filters and furnace filters are quick to do, and if necessary, clean your furnace ducts to eliminate allergens and dust.

Whew! Does any of that sound like a bit too much? No problem, Bill and his staff are close at hand! Find them at: