Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Note: If you are delayed, please contact the show office: knowing how long you may be delayed will help the logistics crew. The show office phone number is 604.328.0029

Look for the overhead sign directing “Exhibitors and Deliveries” via Approach Road. This road runs right past the main entrance doors of Tradex, and then wraps around the facility for exhibitors to easily access the loading bay door at the end of the building.

Upon arrival, look for the Westcoast Small Home Expo rep who will direct you to the loading bay door closest to your booth.

Please note that the loading bay is reserved for exhibitors who absolutely require it. Please contact Barb Nelson at or 604.328.0029 if you require a loading bay for your truck.

In accordance with WCB regulations and in light of the vehicles and fork-lifts on the show floor, no children are to be on the show floor during move-in and move-out. We understand the burden that this may create for some, but safety concerns for all individuals on the show floor will require that this is strictly enforced. In addition, steel-toed footwear may be required during certain times. Please watch for announcements.


Once you’ve arrived at your designated loading bay door, a Westcoast Small Home Expo rep will direct you to your booth space. Security will be positioned at each loading bay door to operate during move in and out. They will all closely follow the WCB and emergency regulations. Please be aware that you must follow the directions of security. There will be a forklift available to help transport items to your booth or to help move your Tiny Home into place. After you have unloaded, please drive your vehicle back out to the parking lot once security gives your clearance.

Setting Up Your Display

Move-in ends at approximately 3:00pm, but you have until 9:00pm on move-in day to set up your booth.

Please ensure that your display material is within the confines of your booth when the aisle carpets are being placed. It is your responsibility to put your display containers, etc. into the storage area.

Garbage bags may be left in the centre aisle for the cleaning crew to pick up.

Storage Space Procedure

Packing materials must be placed in the storage area designated at each end of the show halls. Get a “Storage Sticker” from the show office to place on your materials and then take the materials to the storage area.

Saturday Morning Set-up

There will be no move-in allowed on June 4th other than hand-carried materials. You must be set up no later than 9am. Be sure to pick up your badge first at the show office located in the lobby.

Access to Show Hall

You can access the show hall at 8:00am on both days of the show. Please be sure that you are wearing your exhibitor badge.