Booth Setup

Booth Display Rules and Regulations

Please don’t block the exhibitor beside you! There are certain limitations regarding blocking off neighbouring booths. The regulations for Small Home Expo are the same as for other shows. These limits will be enforced.

Each booth is provided with a 10-foot wide by 8-foot high curtain backdrop, plus 3-foot high side curtains separating you from your neighbor. You may have solid material for a maximum distance of 5 feet from the back of your booth. The next 5 feet to the front of your booth must be kept clear or have only see-through type material. (To be approved by show management.) Display racks and solid structures will not be permitted if they exceed the 3-foot height.

Exhibitors with “end caps”, a double booth on the end of a row, are allowed a 10-foot wide backdrop. If your booth height extends above 8 feet at the backdrop, please be sure that all visible sides of your booth are finished.

Secure Floor Coverings

Use Shurtape® double-sided carpet tape to secure carpets and all other materials to the floor. Duct tape is not approved. Removal, clean-up and/or floor repair charges will be passed on to the exhibitor.

Floor Protection

If you are bringing in material that could damage the floor, please be sure to place a plastic covering on the floor. Note: Any costs incurred for damaged floors and walls will be passed on to the exhibitor.