Move-Out Schedule and Procedure

Sunday, June 5th, 4:00 pm – 8:00pm

We kindly ask all exhibitors to be sure that all booth material is physically removed from TRADEX on Sunday, June 5th by 8:00pm. Tiny homes can make arrangements to park their homes in the parking lot for pickup on Monday, June 6th.

Display take-down may begin at 4:00pm but all activity must remain within the confines of your booth space until the carpet is completely rolled up. Please DO NOT begin dismantling the booths prior to 4:00pm. Anyone caught doing so may be barred from next year’s show.

Solicitation by Non-Exhibitors

Please report to the show office any person or persons who are soliciting on the show floor but are not exhibitors. In fairness to our exhibitors who have paid for their booth space, this solicitation will not be tolerated. Thank you for your assistance.

Tiny Home Set-up Rules and Regulations

If the entrance to your tiny home unit is greater than 2 feet you need to add a hand railing at a minimum of 32” inches in height. Please feel free to add any furnishings, plants or outdoor planters, and other decorative touches to your outdoor space that will help showcase your home.