Saturday June 4, 11:00am

designing Your Small Space

Get comfortable in your space, no matter what the size. By using time-tested techniques, you can maximize the square footage you have, avoid waste, and personalize your space in ways you never thought of.

Saturday June 4, 12:00pm

Growing Food in Small Spaces

The Fundamentals of Container Gardening

Learn all the tips and tricks for transforming your small spaces into thriving urban veggie gardens! In this seminar we’ll demystify growing your own food, and get you set up for garden success, no matter the size of your space or the colour of your thumb!

Saturday June 4, 1:00pm

Kenton Zerbin

Building & Living In Off-grid Tiny Homes: A Photo-journey From A Teacher

If you imagine life in a tiny home, does it include living off-grid in the cold climates of Canada? That’s exactly what Permaculture Teacher Kenton created; a solar-powered, off-grid home, complete with full kitchen, bath, and all the comforts of home. He’ll tell all of his ups and downs of life in his tiny in a photo essay + how he is building a new off-grid tiny house that he is giving away.

Saturday June 4, 2:00pm

Organizing Kids in Small Spaces

Beth shares creative tips and tricks to get kids organized, extending beyond just their many physical items. The best part of these tactics is that they make it easy for kids to participate in staying organized. Doing so teaches them valuable life skills, while giving adults that extra few minutes to do important things. (Like making another cup of coffee!)

Saturday June 4, 3:00pm

Digital Clutter: What to do about it

Today, we all have photographs, social media accounts, documents, and more hiding in our phones, tablets, old computers, and the cloud. Few individuals truly know what information they have, nor where to find it. This session offers strategies to declutter data and organize information, combined with methods to keep the digital “paper tiger” under control!

Saturday June 4, 4:00pm

The Best Tropical Plants for Your Small Space

Growing houseplants in a small space is easy to do without taking up valuable countertop space. In this demonstration, Shelly will discuss vertical growing methods using both latest products and some easy DIY’s. She will discuss plants that work well in small spaces and low light as well as things to consider when growing in a small home.

Shelley is a horticulturist and author. She lives and gardens in Langley, BC. She has deep roots in the green industry that range from garden designer, retail garden centre buyer and management to garden writer and social media influencer. Her boots on the ground experience lend to her vast knowledge of working with plants, products and people making her one of the top trend-spotters in the industry.

Sunday Speaker Sessions

Sunday June 5, 11:00am

BIG Ideas for Small Space Gardening

From The President of GardenWorks

Join Leanne as she shares ‘Big Ideas for Small Space Gardening’. Leanne will share tips and advice on how to go about creating YOUR new garden space to be everything YOU want it to be! Are you looking to create a tranquil place to relax?  A space to dine El Fresco? A yoga retreat? A “Scent”sational garden, or a balcony full of fresh fruit and veg?
 Leanne will share the simple steps to create a beautiful balcony. She is keen to share her personal recommendations for best fruit, veg and trees for a small space patio! Need inspo on what to grow INSIDE your small home? Leanne’s got that too. 

Leanne Johnson is unapologetically passionate about plants. She is President of BC’s largest independent retail Garden Centre company, GardenWorks, with 9 locations across BC. Leanne is obsessed with connecting people to the natural world through gardening and was awarded 2019 Garden Communicator of the Year!

Sunday June 5, 12:00pm

Work From Home Zone

At first glance, working from home shines as a romantic solution to many on-the-job problems. Ideally, you can eliminate your commute, avoid the seasonal germ fest, reduce annoying co-worker distractions, fit in more fitness, and, in some cases, be your own boss. While all these things are true to some extent, a sober second look sharpens the realities of how to integrate your professional life with your home life. A small space requires extra planning to achieve your definition of success. From designing your workspace to purchasing portable technology, you have the opportunity to make sure your small space works for you. Further, you’ll need to exercise your soft skills to hold boundaries, work on your workflow, support your social-emotional wellness, and much more. Bring your notebook to this informative talk and let Angela Crocker, author of Work From Home Zone, be your guide to make the most of your workspace, no matter how small.

Sunday June 5, 1:00pm

Think You Can’t Make Exciting Meals in a Tiny Kitchen? Think Again!

Let Chef Nathan Hyam show you how to save space AND time by making three meals in that most ancient and versatile of kitchen accessories: the wok! Using only a single portable burner, Chef Nathan will demonstrate two make-ahead sauces that can be used with his signature Thai cuisine dishes. Homemade is ALWAYS best, and “exotic” meals are definitely do-able in your tiny house, condo, or apartment kitchen. If you’ve always wanted to learn to make homemade Thai food, this is a chance to learn from a cookbook author who knows the cuisine, knows the history, and knows the best way for you to make simple, fresh and healthy dishes, no matter what type of kitchen you have!

Sunday June 5, 2:00pm

Setting Up Simple Systems for Home Organization

Being purposeful when deciding which items to keep in your home, where to keep them and how to store them can seem intimidating, particularly when your space is small. The good news is that it doesn’t have be! Beth will discuss strategies to set up simple systems in your own home which are easy to implement but have a big impact. The result is a less cluttered space while saving you time, money, and stress.

No scripts, Just Answers!

Ask The Experts Lounge

We’ll have even more Specialists (and some of our stage Speakers) in the lounge at scheduled times to answer your specific questions about homes, design, construction, and more! In addition, some unscheduled Experts may take time in the lounge. Buy your favourite Expert a snack at the food trucks, and have a seat!

Saturday In The Lounge:

10:30 am: Certify My Tiny Home, with Rob Feeny
12:30: Where Can I Park My Tiny Home? With Randi Duek (Simply Living) and Bruce Gritter (Rover Tiny Homes)
2:30: Financing Your Tiny Home, with Laura Romano + Tiny Home Living, with Kenton Zerbin
4:30: Digital Decluttering, with Angela Crocker

Sunday In The Lounge:

11:30: Elements of Building a Healthy Tiny Home, with Ben Garrett
1:30: Work from Home Zone, with Angela Crocker

Other unscheduled Experts may Be Present. Please listen for announcements.